Geotechnical (Water Surveying) Services

Water Survey (Divining)
The first step is for the client to have a specialist conduct a water survey on his or her property. The water surveyor (or water diviner) points out a potential spot where the drilling needs to take place.

Borehole Yield Testing
If the client requires it, a specialized contractor can do an accurate measurement of the water yield of the borehole. After the testing is completed, a certificate indicating that the yield is tested and provided.

Water Quality Test
A sample of the water can be taken and sent to a dedicated laboratory for a chemical test. The test results will be provided to the client in the form of a report, which will state whether the water is suitable for human consumption.

Borehole Water Survey

Envo Hydrosolutions Borehole drilling is using the latest electronic technology to survey borehole water.
We provide valuable information to clients in regards to locating suitable water sources.
Our company helped various clients save thousands of Shillings in their search for the right water borehole drilling locations.
Rest assured we can finish the task right away because our water surveyors are trained in modern scientific methods and latest aquifer locating technology.
Our team of groundwater surveyors pinpoint the perfect drilling spots, so you can build your well on the optimal drill site.
We are based in Nairobi and we service the whole of Kenya and Neighboring Countries.

Ground water surveying