Borehole Drilling

One of our key undertakings for Envo-Hydro Solutions is boreholes drilling and development. We employ rotary drilling rigs for boreholes drilling to deep aquifers to even 400 meters below ground level. The equipment we use are for both DTH (Air) drilling and also MUD drilling. We have highly qualified drilling personnel with wide experience in both DTH and MUD drilling. Our drilling works are supervised by highly experienced hydrogeologists who ensure that all boring, casings design, materials selection and installation are done professionally adhering to national and international standards for boreholes to have the longest lifespan possible.

We focus not only on delivering wet borehole but borehole with safe drinking water or nearest safe drinking water by, where necessary sealing off aquifers that are found to have water that is not fit for human use (or not near safe and treatable limits) and leave aquifers that have water that is safe or can be treated to be made safe in sites with multiple aquifers. We endeavour to give our clients the desired final results in drilling within our professional reach.