[Envo-Hydro Solutions]

Company Introduction

Envo-Hydro Solutions Limited was re-branding of Envo-Energy (K) Limited which was done in January 2020. The later had been established in April 2015. The Company specializes in green solutions besides services in environmental and geological broader field. Its establishment was triggered by the ever increasing demand for energy sources that would be environmentally friendly and more sustainable mainly for purpose of water pumping to ensure sustainable projects that are environmentally friendly. The need to further advocate for environmental management and conservation in developments was another factor that triggered the establishment of the company since there were notable environmental unfriendly manner of developments that were taking place.

[what we do]

Our Services

  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment,
  • Environmental Audit,
  • EMS Development,
  • Occupational Health and Safety Assessment,
  • Energy Audit,
  • Solar, Wind, Hydro energy related services and consultancy,
  • Geotechnical, Ground water investigations, exploitations, Development, Installations and related consultancy services,
  • Boreholes drilling and equipping and related consultancy services.

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Our Team of Experts