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Environmental and Social Impact Assesment and Audit

Environmental and Social Impact Assesment & Audit

We offer services in environmental related works (ESIA&EA). We believe sustainable development comes with environmental conservation; We recognizes a nature-centred system of values, and extends the inherent worth to all living things regardless of their usefulness to humans.

Ground Water Survey

The purpose of carrying out hydrogeological survey is to identify points which have potential for ground water, the depths of the ground water aquifer and where possible the extent.

At Envo-Hydro Solutions, we employ a number of techniques for precision thus identifying points with the highest potentials.  A great variety of geophysical methods are available to assist in the assessment of geological subsurface conditions. In groundwater exploration, the most widely applied techniques are electrical resistivity surveying, electro-magnetical (EM) profiling and seismic refraction.

Ground water surveying
Borehole Drilling

Borehole Drilling

One of our key undertakings for Envo-Hydro Solutions is boreholes drilling and development. We employ rotary drilling rigs for boreholes drilling to deep aquifers to even 400 meters below ground level. The equipment we use are for both DTH (Air) drilling and also MUD drilling. We have highly qualified drilling personnel with wide experience in both DTH and MUD drilling. Our drilling works are supervised by highly experienced hydrogeologists who ensure that all boring, casings design, materials selection and installation are done professionally adhering to national and international standards for boreholes to have the longest lifespan possible.

Renewable Energy

At Envo-Hydro Solutions limited, we believe in tapping green energy for sustainable developments. Our team of experties have wide experience in these fileds and as a result we guarantee high quality works while observing all safety measures.

Solar street lighting
geotechnical works1

Geotechnical Investigation Works

Geotechnical works comprise the investigation of subsurface conditions and materials for the purpose of the determination of the relevant physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of these materials in supporting constructions of structures. The investigation is also done to ascertain presence of minerals that may be mined.

Borehole Camera Inspection

Borehole camera Inspection is highly recommended for ensuring the integrity of, for example, borehole depth, casings linings and/or walls, water rest level, clearity of water and is invaluable for the investigation of obstructions/fouled equipment etc.

The Camera we use at Envo-Hydro Solutions is able to offer full colour borehole imaging to a depth of 250 metres in zero light conditions. Using our fully portable equipment we can access even remote sites and provide start-to-finish DVD footage of inspections, as well as a stills gallery of important features.

Camera Inspection Using the latest technology with HD TV Resolutions