Environmental and social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Audit

Envo-Hydro Solutions Ltd is a limited company that offers services in environmental related works (ESIA&EA). We believe sustainable development comes with environmental conservation; We recognizes a nature-centred system of values, and extends the inherent worth to all living things regardless of their usefulness to humans; We also encourages people to respect and care for flora and fauna for their own Sake; We focus on interventions that will benefit humans and do no irreparable harm to Ecosystem. For that reason, we conduct Environmental and Social Impact assessments and Environmental Audits for projects implemented by Envo-Hydro Solutions limited and also clientele.

Specific Services that we offer includes:

  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment,
  • Environmental Audit,
  • EMS Development,
  • Occupational Health and Safety Assessment,

environmental impact assesments
environmental impact assesment